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Ford V8 Capri

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In Great Britain, the site of the British roads, highways and country lanes in the 70's and 80's would be a truly great sight. Austin... Rover... Triumph... Ford...

The Ford Capri was designed to be the everyday car, for the everyday family. Sporting looks, sharp edges, handling and... some performance. However Car Chase Heroes, well we like speed on our circuits with history, memories but to also create them. 

Our Ford 'V8' Capri cannot be found at your local classic car show, nor could it be found on the winding lanes or Willenhall or Woking. You will find this car, stretching the straight down at Castle Comb or chasing Lamborghini's down at Elvington this year. 

Refined engineering, made simply for your enjoyment! Come take a drive down memory lane, whilst also living a dream!

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