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DB9 Aston Martin

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The Car

Aston Martin, the epitome of British Luxury and the classiest looking car on the road for the best part of 60 years.

It is the Grand Tourer of Grand Tourers and James Bond's choice of vehicle to boot! Get behind the wheel of our silver Aston Martin, just like the on-screen legend, in all of those famous car chases!

The Aston Martin DB9 was the flagship V12 and it was a total power house, such a beautiful sounding note from the exhaust system. For me, I would buy one just to have on the drive way to look at every day, because it is a thing of utter beauty. The Aston Martin DB9 is simply ticking all of our boxes, handling, performance and luxury and rather than driving round in a Porsche 911 and people wanting to hurt you, if your seen in a DB9, people want to actually be you! Treat yourself to this masterpiece.

**Licence to Kill not included**

Vehicle Stats

Vehicle - Aston Martin DB9

Power Unit - 6.0 L V12

Horsepower - 450 bhp

Transmission - Automatic



First of all ,it is in such a lovely location,a ride through the cotswold places,the site is an Old RAF base so adds a spark of adventure already, it is well organised with helpful staff,the car was very nice and the instructor was very professional, overall a great day and would recommend it.