Team Building Activities for Corporate Events & Groups

Have you ever suggested to your employees that your company holds a team building event to help workers to get to know each other and boost morale… or have you always been deterred from doing so by the some of the slightly unfortunate connotations that the very term ‘team building’ has?

A lot of workers do fear that when their boss announces they’re organising a team building day, it means they’ll be forced into cringe-worthy interactions with their colleagues, or to embark on a muddy obstacle course when they’d much rather just be in the office getting on with work.

So, to dispel some of the image problems that team building has often had, we thought here at U Drive Cars that we’d remind you of some of the real benefits of team building activities for corporate groups and events, as well as some of the activities that may work best for your firm.

Why hold a team building event at all?

Winston Churchill Speech

Contrary to their image, there are a lot of very good reasons why team building activities for corporate events and groups remain so popular and useful.

For one thing, they can be great for improving the standard of communication between your employees. If certain workers of yours never talk to each other, it means they might not be sharing ideas or motivating each other to be successful. A team that communicates well is one that is better equipped to take on the most challenging assignments together and achieve the best results.

Team building activities can also be great for bringing out the leaders in your team. It’s easy to presume that your workforce’s most effective leaders would already be obvious in the office, but this isn’t necessarily the case – not all great leaders are vocal chest-thumping types who’re always reeling off inspirational Winston Churchill-esque speeches.

Team-Building-LeaderGood leaders can often show themselves as in much subtler ways, such as by helping to coordinate the team without anyone needing to tell them to do so, effectively serving as the ‘glue’ that holds the team together.

A great team building day can make clear who among your team can be most trusted to be leaders, while even simply the competitive nature of many team building activities can also awaken the motivation in employees who were previously coasting.

Whether you specifically wish to boost your workforce’s morale, identify your employees’ strengths and weaknesses, improve your team’s problem-solving ability or simply enhance productivity, the right team building activities can certainly help your business to achieve more this year.

So, what are the best team building activities to try?

Simply Googling ‘team building ideas’ throws up a lot of interesting possibilities for team building activities for corporate events and groups. But of course, the exact ones you choose for your own employees will be dictated in part by your specific goals. Some activities, for instance, are designed to enhance communication, while others may place a greater emphasis on decision making, adaptability or planning.

If you feel that your team could do with more cohesive communication, for example, you can’t do much better than the ‘two truths and a lie’ game, which really is as simple as getting everyone to come up with two true facts about themselves and one false claim. Then, the other participants need to guess which of the given person’s three ‘facts’ is the lie. As anyone who has ever watched the popular BBC panel show Would I Lie To You? will know, such a game is a recipe for witty banter.


Alternatively, you could have a problem-solving activity such as one in which your employees are divided into teams of four or five and asked to come up with their own idea for a team building event. Everyone then votes on which team came up with up with the best team building idea.

Whatever team building activities you try for your own firm, it’s important to choose ones that are both challenging and genuinely enjoyable, if you are to get the best results out of them. So, depending on your own team’s preferences, you could organise something as potentially complicated as a scavenger hunt around the city in which your company is based, or as modest as a weekly trivia question pinned to the office notice board.

Or, your employees could literally drive themselves to success…

Line UpWhile so many of the obvious team building activities for corporate events are both challenging and entertaining, one that you might not have considered is a corporate track day or driving experience with ourselves here at U Drive Cars.

Think about it: at least a few of your employees will probably be petrolheads. They might be fans of Formula One or the World Rally Championship, and we’re sure some of them would be very excited indeed by the opportunity to sample all manner of desirable supercars and classic cars, ranging from Ferraris and Porsches to the classic Mini or a Jaguar E-Type.

You might even fancy putting together a package whereby they can pilot a number of these cars over the course of the day. Once it’s all over, your workers will be talking for days, weeks and months about their experiences behind the wheel – which cars they most loved, which ones they couldn’t seem to get to grips with, and which ones they reckon they’d have mastered if they’d had just one more lap of the track…

Think back to some of those words we mentioned earlier: communication, problem-solving and adaptability. A driving experience with U Drive Cars is great for developing all of these abilities in your team, and more. Plus, it’s just a huge amount of fun, and we’re conveniently located in Oxfordshire, not far from London, Birmingham, Swindon, Northampton and other key towns and cities in the south of England.

Why hesitate to get in touch with the U Drive Cars team now to learn more about how you can book an utterly brilliant and thrilling corporate driving day for your employees that they’ll remember long after all of those ‘bog-standard’ traditional team building activities have been forgotten?

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