Iconic British Classic Cars

Not a lot beats a quintessentially British car. With so many classics to choose from, whittling them down to a succinct list of 10 is no easy feat, however we’ve done our best. Read on to find out which iconic motors made the cut…

1. E Type Jaguar (1961 – 1975)

A true object of desire, this combination of beauty and high performance established the model as an icon of the motoring world. Based on Jaguars D Type racing car, Enzo Ferrari dubbed the E Type ‘the most beautiful car ever made’ and in 2008, it claimed the top spot in the Daily Telegraph online list of the 100 most beautiful cars of all time. We are delighted to have an E-Type in our fleet of beautiful classics. Book your E-Type driving experience now.


2. Rolls Royce Silver Shadow (1965 – 1980)

It’s difficult to pick one of the many Rolls-Royce models and dub it as the most iconic. It was a close call but the Silver Shadow has pipped it’s rivals to the top spot. The Silver Shadow was an immediate success following its release, bringing in sales so high that it was the highest produced of all Rolls Royce models to date.


3. Mini (1959 – 2000)

Arguably no other car has been quite as globally adored and accepted as the Mini. We all know someone who owns, or has owned, one of the many mini models over the years and millions of people have fallen in love with its fun and colourful personality. Throughout this classic car’s 41 year production run, it has become somewhat of a fashion accessory and a household name, as well as a huge hit in the motoring world. Always wanted to drive a classic Mini? Book your U Drive Cars Mini driving experience now.


4. Aston Martin Vantage (1972 – 1973)

Styled by William Towns, the Vantage was a change from the traditional Aston Martin DB styling and proved hugely popular in the 1970s. It’s a pure muscle car with a roaring engine, great styling and awesome performance. The best thing? You can drive the Vantage here with us at U Drive Cars. Also, we couldn’t do a round-up of iconic British classics without mentioning the Aston Martin DB5, often billed as the ‘most famous car in the world’, and it’s predecessor the DB4. Both won the hearts of the motoring world and deserve a mention on our list.


5. Bentley Mark VI (1946 – 1952)

Again, a difficult one to whittle down as Bentley’s are quintessentially British, however the imposingly elegant Mark IV has made the cut.  Fans of the original James Bond novels will remember the Mark VI as being the car that Bond buys near the end of Moonraker. This gentlemen of the motoring world was the first post-war luxury car that was introduced from Bentley and it certainly made its mark.


6. Land Rover Series/Defender (1948 – 2016)

Now for something a little different. Land Rover as a brand is a true icon of British auto history, with its strong early roots in WWII. The Defender is a true dual purpose workhorse and it is said that an estimated 70% of all Series Land Rovers and Defenders ever made are still on the road, solidifying it as a true sturdy British companion for many.


7. Triumph TR6 (1968 – 1976)

Next up is the Triumph TR6, the best seller of the TR range when production ended, a record that was later surpassed by the TR7. The TR6 is super stylish and is certainly a head turner. It became particularly popular in America and today remains one of the most affordable traditional British cars, enjoying a long and happy lifespan.


8. Morgan 4/4 (1936 – present)

Apart from a break during WWII, the Morgan 4/4 has been in continuous production from its debut, right up until today. The construction of this classic hasn’t changed however it features all the modern running gear to keep it in line with the times. It’s basic and not particularly fast compared to the cars on the road that we’re used to today, but the 4/4 has so much more to offer in charm and personality.


9. Austin-Healey 3000 (1959 – 1967)

The 3000 is the best known of all the ‘big Healey’ models. It’s truly a car of its time and a real 60’s icon. It made its mark in the European rally scene in its heyday and became hugely popular in America. In fact, more than 85% of all Austin Healey 3000’s were exported across the Atlantic, solidifying its global appeal. We have a beautiful red 3000 in our fleet of classic cars – book your driving experience in this icon now.


10. MG MGA (1955 – 1962)

The MGA made a splash when it entered the scene in 1955 as it represented a new era in MG’s sports cars styling. Sleek and streamlined, the MGA isn’t the fastest around but it’s saved by its agility, lively performance and light steering, making it a pleasure to handle. Many regard it as MG’s greatest sports car and we’d have to agree.


We could go on and on, but there you have it – our ten personal favourites from the world of classic motors, featuring four diamonds from our very own classic fleet. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the poll below!




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