Fun Corporate Team Building Activity Ideas

When you look around your office and see shoulders drooping or certain staffers getting into all-too-frequent spats, the conditions may seem right for holding a team building event to help to bump up morale at your firm. But of course, deciding on the right activities for a morning or afternoon of team building can be pretty tricky.

Here at U Drive Cars, we therefore decided to scour the web (and our own past experiences with such events!) to come up with some corporate fun day ideas that are likely to genuinely pique your employees’ interest, instead of leaving them rolling their eyes.

Life drawing

Corporate Experience Life Drawing Class

It’s often said these days that everyone is an artist, and when you want to cultivate creativity as well as strong morale in your workforce, a day of life drawing may seem to fit the bill.

Once your employees get past any awkwardness that they might expect from drawing a nude model (and in any case, sessions using clothed or part-clothed models do exist!), they’ll almost certainly love their time spent behind the easel, refining their drawing or painting technique and having plenty of fun along the way.

There are a lot of arts organisations, art schools, universities and other providers of life drawing classes out there, and different classes often offer different approaches. Some may place the emphasis on traditional observational drawing of the figure, whereas others are more experimental, with the model serving as a vehicle for exploring new ideas and approaches.

Office trivia

You don’t necessarily need to do anything too expensive, sophisticated or time-consuming as a team building exercise – indeed, you could do something no more complicated than coming up with a list of 20-25 trivia questions about life in your office, and seeing who knows your workplace best.

What does that ‘inspirational’ poster on the canteen cupboard say? How many people are in the HR department? In what month of the year do most staff birthdays occur? These are all questions that could be included in a quick and convenient activity lasting little longer than a lunch hour.

Getting behind the wheel

Corporate Fun

You might expect us to suggest a driving day here at U Drive Cars, and… well… why not? How often do your employees get the chance to clamber behind the wheel of a mix of classic and modern cars, potentially including supercars that they may have always dreamed of driving? It all happens at our Oxford circuit, and it’s fair to say that it won’t be just another mundane team building event.

Whatever cars your staffers might fancy putting through their paces on the day, we’re sure we’ll have something to interest them within our extensive fleet. Alternatively, if you aren’t sure, don’t worry about it – just tell us your budget, how many people will be participating and whether you want the emphasis of your driving team building day to be on classic or modern cars, or a combination of the two. We’ll then assemble a bespoke package that will appeal to your staff and the financial decision maker at your company.

Go Ape

Go Ape Corporate Experience

Organising the perfect outdoor adventure day for your employees is often much easier said than done. Will you be able to put something together that all of your staffers will enjoy, including both the more and less athletic members of your workforce? Will it also be safe and genuinely assist you with your corporate goals?

That’s why you should really turn to a reputable provider of such adventure days, such as Go Ape. The company has been around since 2001, has 31 locations around the UK and offers a choice of six activities, as well as many different catering options, so it really couldn’t be easier to plan the ideal bespoke day.

What about a classic Tree Top Adventure that will see the intrepid members of your team gliding down zip wires, tackling high rope obstacles and leaping off Tarzan Swings, all while enjoying the fresh air of the great outdoors?

The company also offers Team Development activities that will help to coax even your shiest team members out of their shell and give you an insight into your most effective leaders, as well as Team Solutions days that are invaluable for improving how your entire team performs as a unit.

Making like the Calendar Girls… or boys


The events management company Adventure Connections certainly has some fun corporate team building activities and ideas listed on its website, including the likes of city treasure hunts and animation workshops. However, we especially liked this suggestion of having competing teams create their own calendars.

It involves teams using high-quality digital cameras to create, style and shoot their own interpretation of each month of the year. The teams then pitch their creations to the judges, and a ‘master calendar’ can be created from a combination of the teams’ images. Now, wouldn’t that be a nice – and useful – souvenir to have at the end of it all?

These are just a few of the many corporate team building events that you might consider, and which should serve as a decent taster of the possibilities that go well beyond the stereotypical paintballing!

If you especially like the idea of a U Drive Cars corporate day, don’t hesitate to contact our team now, on 01869 277 112.

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