Creating A Corporate Team Building Funday

Corporate fundays have been around for almost as long as the companies that hold them have, and some of the reasons to hold such a day are more obvious than others.

You may want to stage a corporate funday as a simple reward for your hardworking staff and a signal of your appreciation for everything they do. However, you may also be considering various fun team building activities because of how they could help to boost morale, communication and cohesion in your workforce – yes, even a corporate funday can have very real business benefits!

Putting together the best funday, however, can be tricky. That’s why, here at U Drive Cars, we thought we’d outline the major characteristics that your own firm’s next team building day should have.

Good organisation

Whether you are trying to assemble a corporate funday for your employees by yourself or instead – perhaps more wisely – getting an outside company to organise the knottier aspects of the funday for you, it’s fair to say that everything will need to be well-organised.

You certainly won’t want your staff to turn up to the funday location, only to find that activities have been double-booked and they’ll have to wait a while for their turn, or certain vital equipment for the funday isn’t even there. Again, that’s just one more reason why partnering with an existing and well-established company, with good reviews for corporate fundays, is such a good idea.

A unique selling point (USP)

Nissan GTR USPLet’s face it – team building in general hasn’t always had the best of reputations down the years. Any mention of the idea of a corporate funday tends to conjure up images of obstacle courses and awkward interactions between employees who have been put in an artificial situation, forced to do something together that they would never ordinarily do and would never do again.

So, you should make sure your chosen team building activities don’t fall too much into ‘cringeworthy stereotype’ territory. What about, in fact, planning an activity that your workers are pretty much guaranteed to relish – such as putting all manner of desirable cars through their paces around a circuit? It’s just a thought…

The right location

Heyford Park Location

The question of location can be a slightly tricky one – on one hand, it’s understandable that you might want to hold a corporate funday in an ‘out of the way’ place where there are relatively few distractions for your employees from the activities in question. But on the other hand, can the location that you have in mind be easily reached by all of the attendees?

Consider the location of our own Heyford Park circuit here at U Drive Cars, for example. Our venue can be found just off J10 on the M40, so whether you and your employees are travelling from London, Birmingham or elsewhere in the Midlands, the South East or South West, you shouldn’t get lost trying to find us.


Supercar ExperiencesWhen you’ve got an entire day to fill, one obvious potential problem is that your corporate funday may not feel as fun towards the end as it did at the beginning. It’s therefore important to consider how you can assemble fun team building activities that are not only thrilling initially, but which also offer a decent amount of variety to hold participants’ interest.

If you are booking a driving experience day with U Drive Cars, for instance, you can request a mix of classic and modern cars to give your employees the opportunity to clamber behind the wheel of high-performance vehicles in both categories.

Great food

Your employees spending their entire day in a particular location inevitably means they’ll need to get a bite to eat at some point – and you won’t want them to have to be struggling to find the nearest supermarket where they can nab any old bog-standard ‘meal deal’.

Instead, book a corporate funday with a company like U Drive Cars that has actually thought about these things! Options for a hot lunch with us include cottage pie, chilli con carne served with rice or chicken in a cream tarragon sauce, also served with rice.

Alternatively, a finger buffet can be provided – think stuff like open sandwiches, asparagus tartlets, onion bhajis, a fresh fruit platter, homemade cakes and so much more.

As you can see, we really can cater to all of the above priorities when you book a corporate funday with ourselves here at U Drive Cars. Why not enquire about our corporate packages today via our simple online form or by calling 01869 277 112, so that you can be sure of providing your workers with genuinely engaging, memorable and fun team building activities for your next funday?

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