The Benefits of Corporate Experiences

The Importance of Relationships

Relationships are fundamentally the most important asset to any business. Making people feel valued and respected goes a long way to retaining customers and attracting new ones. The various methods of advertising available to anyone are important to use, but word of mouth and recommendations still play an important role. If you want to maximise the amount of people who are happy to recommend you, you need to offer a fantastic service and not just a good one. It’s the same with staff, good working relationships will ensure productivity stays high and that staff remain motivated to work. Bad working relationships are more likely to lead to the occasional “sick day”, reduce the amount of time employees spend at work and lessen the odds of getting a positive recommendation from an employee.

To help build and maintain relationships a lot of companies are using corporate away days, for employees, potential customers and existing ones. Corporate away days offer a number of benefits which allow people to connect with each other, away from a standard working environment. Employees feel respected, rewarded and that the company cares about them, while managers can use the days to establish potential strengths and weaknesses within their teams. It can also bring out unknown leaders in groups and acts as a positive experience that hopefully the whole team can enjoy. For potential customers it shows them you are willing to provide additional benefits to working with you, creating a friendly and enjoyable day that may include a slightly more serious meeting during the event. Existing customers will also feel valued and appreciated, increasing the likelihood of positive reviews, relationships, repeat business and verbal recommendations to their contacts.

Team Building Corporate Experiences

Thinking of a team building day can be difficult as you need to make it accessible and enjoyable for the whole team. The aim of the day isn’t to make people feel uncomfortable, it’s to encourage them to have fun and get to know their colleagues in a more personal way. When organising a team building day you should set out with clear objectives. These can vary from making employees feel valued for the hard work they put in, to building bridges in a disjointed team. Managers can use the day to find out information about their team that they may not necessarily see in a day to day working environment.

Attracting New Customers

A corporate experience shows a potential new customer that you are invested in them as much as you want them to be invested in you. You show that their money is not the most important thing to you, it’s the relationship that you want to have with them. This sort of experience differentiates you from your competitors and can also be tailored to your specific needs. Always ensure there are corporate hospitality facilities on site so you have the opportunity of more formal discussions if needed.

Rewarding Loyal Customers

Your brand’s reputation matters and you want it to matter to your customers too. If you’re only doing the bare minimum or if they’re not seeing the returns they expect then they’re not going to speak highly of you. An experience day can act as a thank you to a customer which in turn can increase brand loyalty. In 2016, only 20% of businesses received a good or excellent customer satisfaction rating. So if things do take a turn for the worse, there is more likely to be a degree of understanding from your customer, rather than immediately putting you in the other 80%. Getting a review and finding out what excites your customer can be obtained from the day and this can also be used to upsell at a later date.

When booking a corporate experience day you’ll be looking for something that can be tailored to your needs and that doesn’t take an extraordinary amount of organising. You need to ensure it is accessible for everyone and is something that teams can connect over. There can be an optional element of competition but that’s not necessarily essential to running a successful day.

The U Drive Corporate Experience

Corporate Day

Driving experiences are extremely popular and we ensure ours is accessible for all. We have drivers for those who want to experience the car but who don’t always want to drive it. Our advanced instructors can give you advice on how to make the most of your time behind the wheel, offering support for less confident drivers. Classic and supercars are all available to choose from, so you can even surprise customers and staff with a drive in their favourite type of car.

Here at U Drive we’re specialists in providing you with the perfect corporate experience. Our initial conversation will involve discussing exactly how the day should run and we have corporate hospitality facilities that are great for running meetings throughout the day. Catering options and a add beat the boss feature are available too!

Overall we aim to make the day a fun and enjoyable experience. We listen to what you want to achieve from the day and ensure that we put all the correct planning and organisation into maximising your experience. If you would like to visit us with your team or customers please get in touch.

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